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First Meet Up

This is the first large gathering to the desert land in Elko Nevada! This land is open for use throughout the year, but this event will help to kick off the start of getting to know each other, and lead the way for future events that may be held when the stars align. I

We currently have over 100 people making the journey out here for this very first meeting and I could not be more excited to meet you all! Just so everyone is on the same page, this first meeting is pack everything in and everything out, this includes waste! In the future


Things to bring for the event:

- Water - (4 gallons/day/person recommended)  Walmart sells 9 gallon tanks with wheels, trucks could bring 200 gallon tanks. If your coming from a distance please try to pick up water earlier than the closest town, if all of us buy water in the nearest town we could buy them out, I just want to avoid this issue at all costs. Thank you! 

- Toilets - We ask that you please pack everything out and recommend using a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat (find online or hardware store), and saw dust to cover after each use, do not pee in these buckets or they wont work.

- Food/stove/firewood - Nothing will be provided to cook with, wood on the property is unknown and unlikely to supply everyone. Please bring enough fuel, wood, or whatever means you wish to use to supply your food throughout the trip.