This is just the beginning, the visions are far and wide to infinite possibilities. Here is an up to date review of current events and visions of the community.



Accomplished So far

- 40 acres of land acquired in Elko, Nevada

- First meeting scheduled for the month of October



Coming projects

- Dig a well to supply up to 1,800 gallons of water/day

- Work on building composting toilets to meet the needs of the Department of Health

- Install Solar panels with Tesla batteries for electricity

- Work on an aquaponic system to supply the majority of food for people who wish to live here (possible collaborative)

- Grow the social circle to expand our networks reach



possible Future

- Collaborate with other major organizations and communities of similar nature around the world, and work together to provide open arms to a broader scope of soul searchers looking to find there way in this life. We have already come across dozens of groups working towards similar goals, I believe outreach and unity here will foster great strides.

- Spread reach through more land acquired. By working together as a network we should be able to surface each of our geniuses and grow a community of abundance. (I have detailed write ups dissecting the possibilities when the time comes)

- Eventually much of the earth could be a large network of collaborative communities working together for the greater good. Finding the love in life and in each other, and manifesting a sustainable and exciting future. Life will be easy, harmonious, and a beautifully flowing together of experience and stories, I feel blessed to be a part of this shift. 

- Ultimately the field of vision widens and contracts with time, there are many other options available and many avenues that must be explored along the way to bring about this type of large scale cooperation. Ultimately, our species will rely on unity an cooperation moving forward or we simply will not withstand the crisis's ahead.  I believe in this because it must happen, it is not a dream, it is the destiny I wish to see, and until there is no light left I will search for it in the distance. Politics, energy, agriculture, climate change, and many other issues must be faced today. Lets find ourselves, find the love and unity radiating within, and become the change that we all wish to see in this world.